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About Us

We believe in delivering an exclusively bespoke experience that is beyond skin deep. Our approach is holistic, as beauty starts from within. Our goal is to take you on a journey to positive and lasting change.

Although we offer a variety of signature skin and body treatments, it’s our specialist service that makes us unique in our approach to skin no matter what your skin condition may be.

We believe that revising skin is a journey that takes commitment and dedication to achieve long term skin health.

We love creating healthy, glowing skin but more importantly we thrive off seeing our clients’ confidence grow more and more with each step in their journey.

Our Clinic

Currently Closed.

Our Point Cook skin clinic is currently closed for bookings. We are offering online skin consultations and product purchases.

You can shop online email for any enquiries.

Our Promise

Our highly skilled and passionate therapists take the time to guide you through a comprehensive consultation to design a treatment program which will not only address the symptoms you see on your skin but will eradicate the causes from within.

Our Team


Founder, Director & Paramedical Therapist

I spent up until my early twenties living with severe acne that destroyed my confidence. After not finding the right information or products, I knew there had to be more long-term solutions. So, I embarked on a career journey of ‘all things skin’. I endeavoured to arm myself with as much skin knowledge as possible, to help myself and others. And so, My Skin & Body Clinic was born!

I now spend every day helping clients achieve optimum skin health and finding out WHY their skin is functioning a certain way and investigating the root cause to their skin issues, from the inside out.


Assistant Manager/ Paramedical Therapist

My goal is to make people feel good. To use my passion for skin and my experience in the industry to help people escape the stresses of life and to help to build their confidence and self esteem by helping them achieve healthy skin.


Skin Therapist

I began studying makeup at 18, after completing an advanced diploma and working in the industry I found my passion was more focused on the skin and health under the makeup. After lots of study and numerous beauty courses including a Dermal Introductory and an Advanced Diploma of Beauty at Elly Lukas with different jobs ranging from clinic coordinator to manager and trainer, I found my all-time love for skin health in this ever changing industry.


Beauty Therapist

Through my determination to fix my own acne prone skin I gained appreciation for all the hard-working skin therapists willing to help others. That’s why I do what I do today. I believe my role is one of the most fulfilling jobs, because I know can give people confidence in their own skin and that is something very special.


Receptionist/ Dermal Trainee

I’ve been working in the healthcare industry for over 10 years, previously as a dental assistant and then a practice manager. I have always had an interest in skin health, overall health and cosmeceuticals. Having good, clear skin has such an effect on a person, not just aesthetically, but mentally and emotionally too. Currently I am completing my advanced diploma /associates degree in Cosmetic Dermal Science, and I’m looking forward to applying all the skills and knowledge in practice.

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