Body Enzyme Therapy


Looking after our most precious organ.

Your skin falls further than your face so we not only revise face conditions but body too. We treat body conditions such as, cellulite, dry skin, back acne, keratosis pilaris & pigmentation. All our signature DMK  face treatments can be performed on the body too.

There‘s so many treatments, so it can be hard to know where to start. We can complete a body assessment to determine the best program for you, this body consultation is $50 and is fully redeemable on products or treatments.

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The hard-setting mask creates a downward pressure, which stimulates the circulatory system to pump fresh oxygenated blood throughout the capillaries. Fresh nutrients and oxygen are delivered to skin cells and toxins, dead cell material, and lymphatic build-up are removed via the lymphatic system.

We recommend having a series of 8-12 enzyme therapy treatments at weekly intervals depending on the skin condition that we are revising. We will give you an honest and comprehensive skin program at your initial consultation.

For best results combine with our fat cavitation or skin tightening treatments. It’s important to drink lots of water prior and post treatment. Eat healthy foods such as greens, fruits, whole foods and brown rice, and avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates. Make sure to complete either 30mins exercise or an infrared sauna session post treatment to help remove toxins. Stimulate the treated area following your session by dry body brushing in the shower to promote blood flow and help with the removal of toxins. Also, don’t forget to moisturise daily.

Our Treatments

Body Enzyme Therapy

Buttzyme, Back, Stomach or Arms (PER AREA)   $220     75mins   Book Now

Encourage your skin to perform at its best. This deep exfoliating, firming & strengthening treatment is specifically designed to target cellulite, fluid retentions, dry skin, poor circulation, ingrown hair and body acne. The treatment is formulated to encourage the skin to function at its optimum and contour the body. It increases circulation, lymphatic drainage which strengthens and firms the skin. This treatment can be combined with Skin Tightening and Body Sculpting.

Body Sculpting

Treatment add on   $80     40 mins   Book Now

Improve the appearance of cellulite. This treatment is designed to help re-shape and sculpt your body. It assists in reducing cellulite and skin texture. By creating a thermogenic effect the treatment aims to increase circulation and eliminate waste materials in your skin. It’s firming, tightening and toning effects leaves your body feeling smooth, hydrated and contoured.

Track your journey

Throughout your skin journey we use the Observe to track and reassess your skin so you can see the outstanding results from in-clinic and home treatments.

Body Enzyme Therapy

We not only revise face conditions but body too. We treat body conditions such as, cellulite, dry skin, back acne, keratosis pilaris & pigmentation.

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