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Let’s talk about your skin.

We’re all different and we’re all on our own skin journey. So before we get started it’s important to understand your skin, so we can tailor a special treatment just for you.

The latest technology

Your skin is much more complex than what you can see in the mirror. That’s why we use the latest Observe diagnostic device to view blemishes, fine lines, dryness, vascular damage, uneven skin tone, water and oil content and much more. Observe scans your skin and provides 6 different images of your skin at different levels, which allows us to better understand your unique skin concerns and how to treat existing imperfections, and even treat underlying concerns before they become visible.

We offer various options for skin consultations, because it’s all about your skin and what works for you.

Start your bespoke skin journey.

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Our Treatments

My Skin Journey

$269     1.5 hours   Book Now

A complete consultation + skincare + skin treatment for kicking-off your skin journey.

Let’s get serious.
This is for clients new to treatments, that dont know where to start and are ready to commit to a skin journey. Including a digital skin analysis and our holistic approach to skin and internal health. You’ll receive a customised facial which includes a gentle enzymatic peel, LED therapy and a tailored mask.
Kickstart your journey with a unique treatment plan prescribed just for you, with complimentary essentials starter kit suited to your skin (valued at $189), and of course – ongoing and passionate support from our team. 

My Skin Rescue

$199     75min   Book Now

Extensive consultation + Skin analysis + calming facial to begin your journey.

This comprehensive package is perfect if you’re experiencing rosacea, facial redness, facial flushing, or broken capillaries.To kickstart your transformation, our My Skin Rescue package includes a calming facial specifically curated to soothe and nourish your skin. Our skin experts will begin with a nourishing cleanse, preparing your skin for the healing LED therapy to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and reduce redness. Finally, a soothing mask is applied, leaving your skin calm, hydrated, and radiant.

We have carefully crafted this package to offer a holistic approach to skin health, combining advanced techniques with our deep understanding of internal health. Our goal is to provide you with a treatment plan that not only addresses your current concerns but also ensures long-term skin health.


My Skin Review

$99     45 min   Book Now

A tailored consultation + skin analysis + medi facial to get you back on track.

This comprehensive review is perfect if you’ve had treatments in the past but now wish to transfer your care into our hands to revise and restore skin health. It helps us to get to know you and your skin so we can set you up with a unique treatment plan. You’ll also receive $50 off treatments or skincare.

My Bridal Journey

$199     75mins   Book Now

Comprehensive consultation + bespoke facial + tailored packages + 15% off skincare.

Congratulations, you’re getting married. We’re so excited to support you along your journey to achieving flawless skin for your wedding. Including a digital skin analysis to create a unique bridal package and product prescription to use in the lead-up to your big day. Our packages are tailored to your skin needs, and our expert advice will help you achieve a gorgeous glow. Plus, you will receive 15% off skincare products throughout your journey when you purchase a skin pack.

We have payment plans for all skin packages.

My Online Consultation

$79     30   Book Now

An educational experience in case you can’t make it to the clinic.

We educate you on your skin type, conditions, skincare and create a tailored treatment plan. You will receive a full skin and health overhaul, a unique skincare recommendation and a bonus $50 off skincare purchases.

Leg Vein Consultation

$50     30   Book Now

A complete body assessment + tailored treatment plan.

Our expertly trained and highly skilled skin and laser therapists will assess your leg vein concerns and tailor an individual treatment plan to help you improve the appearance of these veins.

The first step prior to any leg vein removal treatment is this professional skin consultation to establish your concerns and expectations. This thorough analysis of your skin and its condition is a crucial element in your first treatment with us.

During this consultation we will discuss your medical history, lifestyle and home care routine to get a deep understanding of your skin and will provide you with an individual treatment plan for the safe and effective removal of leg veins.

This Consultation is $50, which is fully redeemable off your first treatment.

My Body Consultation

$50     30   Book Now

Body consultation + Patch test (if required) + treatment plan.

We not only revise face conditions but body too. We treat body conditions such as cellulite, dry skin, body acne, keratosis pilaris & pigmentation. There are so many treatments, so it can be hard to know where to start. We will complete a body assessment to determine the best program for you, our body consultation is $50 and fully redeemable on products or treatments.


Hair Removal Consultation

$39     30   Book Now

A thorough consultation + patch test.

Your laser hair removal consultation allows your laser therapist to better get to know you and your skin type and is an opportunity for you to better understand what your treatment will entail. The technician will also provide you with all the necessary pre and post laser advice, and will be able to discuss different treatments areas, as well as the prices and packages available. During this consultation we will also perform a test patch using our laser device to ensure you have no adverse reactions to the service, and after this test patch is successful, we can begin to book in your laser treatments.

Track your journey

Throughout your skin journey we use the Observe to track and reassess your skin so you can see the outstanding results from in-clinic and home treatments.

Skin Consultations

We’re all different and we’re all on our own skin journey. So before we get started it’s important to understand your skin, so we can tailor a special treatment just for you.

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