DMK Body Sculpting Crème 120ml

Smooth and firm loose, cellulite ridden skin with the help of DMK’s Body Sculpting Crème which works to improve the lymphatic drainage system.

DMK’s breakthrough product Body Sculpting can help in the battle against cellulite. The dreaded orange peel, dimpled appearance affects 90% of women no matter their size or fitness level, caused by the accumulation or enlargement of fat cells in between the connective tissue. These fat cells push up against the skin and worsen already poor circulation and lymphatic drainage. Driven by age, genetics, stress, diet and lifestyle, cellulite can appear on the buttocks, thighs, lower abdomen, and occasionally on the breast and upper arms. Body Sculpting works to assist in circulation, oxygenation and improve the lymphatic drainage system while helping to strengthen the connective tissue.

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