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Enzyme Therapy is DMK’s world renowned signature skin revision treatments. Designed to rapidly restore the health and natural function of your skin enabling it to preform as a young, healthy skin. The treatment stimulates a process called ” reverse osmosis “to remove dead protein, toxins not only on the surface of the skin but work with the skin to restore it to optimal health.

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    DMK Actrol Powder 30g

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  • DMK ACU Klear 30ML

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  • DMK ACU Masque 60ml

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  • DMK Acu Moist w/SPF15 50 ML

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  • DMK ACU Therm 5ml

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  • DMK Beta Gel 30ml

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  • DMK Betagen Crème 30ml

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  • DMK Biogen C Crème 50ml

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  • DMK Body Sculpting Crème 120ml

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