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Have you been looking for beauty salon or skin clinic Werribee in Google? Our clinic is only 10 minutes away from Werribee. We also offer online skin consultation.

Here at My Skin and Body Clinic, our goal is not only to make your skin feel refreshed. We want to use top technology and our full knowledge of cosmeceutical skincare to make sure it is healthy at a cellular level.

Instead of having our customers go through standard skin treatments, each individual sits down with the experts first for a comprehensive consultation.

This means every treatment plan is specifically designed for every one of the clients, to deliver the results they expect. All they need to do is to let us, the experts, do the hard work!

The goal of our skin clinic is to deliver the skin and body that you have always dreamt of. We deal with different problems, not just the usual skin conditions.

We work with cellulite reduction and issues with weight and body shape. Our years of experience coupled with our passion for body and skin health will assure you that you’ll have the soft, smooth and flawless skin you always wanted. Thanks to our well-experienced staff.

Our Services

Skin Consultations

The first step to your treatment is to talk to our salon experts here at our clinic. Upon extensively reviewing the characteristics of your skin, we shall ensure exact treatment that is tailor-fit to your skin type.

We will set goals that leads to the next steps. We, as skin specialists, will consider all factors like your lifestyle, diet, overall health, skincare routine, and supplementation.

You can also book our online skin consultation to give you more flexibility in time and options. This way, you don’t have to physically travel from Werribee to our skin clinic.

Skin Treatments

No skin issues don’t mean that your skin is free from any form of problems. Aging for instance is a natural phenomenon which occurs to each and every person.

The only difference is that we can age gracefully with the right methods of care and maintenance. By identifying your specific skin issues, we then create treatment that will ensure positive results.

We offer the following treatments: DMK Enzyme Therapy, Medi-facials, Skin Peels, IPL and other state-of-the-art procedures. The achievement of your best skin health is our main concern. You can expect to look and feel young and refreshed afterward.

Body Contouring

Liposuction and other invasive treatments are not the only way to get rid of unwanted bulges.

Body contouring uses low-frequency ultrasound on fat cell membranes, which end up disintegrating into liquids. The fat loss happens immediately, without any surgery and any pain at all.

Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted hair forever, using top-of-the-line laser technology. This means no more waxing and shaving, so you can enjoy your smooth, hairless skin anytime.

Cosmetic Procedures

Our goal is to help you walk through the path of attaining a gorgeous appearance. We shall honestly discuss with you, safe procedures that match your wishes and needs. Thus, we can also say that youthful skin is attainable.

Cosmetic injectables will perk up any part of your skin that has lost its elasticity. We even offer teeth whitening procedures for a pearly-white smile to match your smooth and healthy skin.

Let Us Take Care of You!

Skin is our passion here at My Skin and Body Clinic, which is why we have dedicated our lives to understanding it. We constantly upgrade our treatments so that we give our patients only the most renowned approaches out there.

Nothing is more rewarding than to see and feel our client’s happiness as soon as they experience great results. We give the best in what we love doing to ensure that satisfaction. Through every step of the way, we aim for success and happy customers.

If you live in Werribee, you can visit us or book an online skin consultation.

For further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on (03) 8376 4414

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