5 Parks to Visit if You Are in Werribee

A peaceful suburb of Melbourne, Victoria – Werribee has some of the best parks for people who just want to take long peaceful walks amidst nature. Here are the top public parks in the area and what they offer:

Werribee Park

Werribee Park is perhaps the most popular one in the area, this being part of a cultural landscape. It is best visited when the Victoria State Rose Garden is in full bloom displaying more than 5,000 roses of varying colors.

The park is also home to the Werribee Mansion which is listed as a heritage site. It is open to the public for a small fee. You can also explore the Chirnside Mansion which is home to the Chirnside family during the 1800s. Part of their livelihood is the bountiful fruit orchard which still stands today. The grounds are open from 9AM to 5:30PM.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

If you prefer to interact with animals, the Zoo is always a good option. The park itself spans 225 hectares and is home to an array of animals including lions, monkeys, giraffes, gorillas, cheetahs, zebras, antelopes, and more!

There’s a small entrance fee which lets you be part of a 40-minute tour through the grounds. The guide will take you through some of the most interesting aspects of the range and engage you in activities like feeding the giraffe or petting some of the tamer animals.

Wyndham Park

Conveniently located smack in the center of Werribee, this park was designed for families with little kids in mind. It has two play areas so both toddlers and the older children can be both enjoy their time while mommy and daddy set up the picnic or start the barbeque.

It sits right next to the Werribee River so you can also enjoy the soothing view of water while enjoying the place. With all the trees around the park, it’s hard to believe you’re still in the center.

K Road Cliffs

For the more adventurous wanderers, the K Road Cliffs give you a stunning view of the Werribee River from a high vantage point. You can take a vigorous walk along the pathway, staying at a safe distance from the cliff.

You can see how and where the Werribee River flows from here all the way to Port Phillip Bay. The wildlife view is also stunning so try to bring your camera with you.

Heathdale Glen Orden Wetlands

Finally, there’s the Wetlands with the convenient spread of bridge that gives you an excellent vantage point of the large expanse of grass. It’s a favorite of birds that find many of their food in the area.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up – there are definitely numerous places in Werribee where you can soak up the sun and have some nature-loving time with friends, family, or your significant other. Plan your trip accordingly and you can check out all these beautiful spots.

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