Guide to Living in Werribee

Guide to Living in Werribee


A suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Werribee is home to just 40,345 people as of last census. It sits close to the Werribee River and is an administrative center for the City of Wyndham. Compared to all the other areas in the city, Werribee is actually the most populated.

Retiring in Werribee

Werribee is home to numerous retiring communities, mainly because of the peaceful and scenic surroundings of the suburb. People who want to retire and enjoy their senior years often choose Werribee first as a place to retire and then simply opt for the multiple communities situated in the area.

With a low population but excellent services including parks, shops, hospitals, skin clinics and medical facilities – it’s not surprising that many seniors retire in this suburb.

Werribee Shopping and Restaurants

The area is home to some of the best rated restaurants in Victoria from foreign cuisines to something local. Shopping-wise, you can also find most of the things you need in the suburb, including but not limited to clothes and modern devices.

Werribee Transportation

There’s a population boom in the area – but it’s not enough to saturate the public transportation of the suburb. If you don’t have a private car or simply prefer to commute, it’s easy enough to find public vehicles to take you where you want to go.

Available Schools Nearby

Families wondering whether they should live in Werribee would be glad to know that there are multiple educational institutions close to the suburb. Children and high school age children can quickly find a spot in top and high-rated schools in the area.

Some of the learning institutions include the Werribee Primary School, the Werribee Secondary College, and the Suzanne Cory High School.

Werribee Crime Rate

Crime rate is often computed per 100,000 of population. Unfortunately, the suburb is only home to less than 50,000 people. If you consider the City of Wyndham where Werribee is located, however the crimes against persons stands at just 828 which makes this – for the most part – a safe place to live.

Parks and Recreation

One of the more notable aspects of the suburb would be the numerous parks and recreational activities available in the area. The place is home to the Werribee Park and a grand selection of more than 5000 gardens that blooms every year.

There’s also the Werribee River and a smattering of parks which offers access to bird watching, the wetlands, and even exotic animals.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell – Werribee is an excellent place to settle down if you’re looking for a middle-ground of nature and city. While there are definitely enough services to promote comfort, there are still a smattering of nature and activities to help you wind down after a rough day.

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