I’m in lockdown – why is my skin breaking out?

It’s safe to say COVID-19 has caused us to look to the simple things in life that bring us joy. Having more ‘me’ time, hitting pause and detoxing from our busy lives before ‘unprecedented times’ has been beneficial, but more importantly, how nice has it been to not wear make-up every day?

We know many of you had been eagerly anticipating your bare-faced, glowing complexions to take precedence on your Instagram feeds – (because let’s face it, what else do we have to post about right now?) but instead have been left disappointed by some rogue breakouts rearing their head.

So why are you getting pimples during lockdown? Here’s a few reasons why.

Face Masks (and not the nice kind)

One of the first things to avoid if you can, is wearing blue surgical masks. These masks have chemicals in them that can easily irritate the skin. We strongly recommend a cotton mask or although on the more expensive side, investing in a silk mask is totally worth it to ease those skin woes!


You might not even realise it because it’s not something you can physically see, but stress can manifest in a plethora of ways – one of which is through skin breakouts. Even the calmest of people will have felt the pressure of this pandemic at some point so it’s not uncommon for your complexion to be copping the effects of COVID worry. Check out our Instagram feed where we breakdown exactly how stress affects the skin.

Skipping Skincare

It’s late on a Friday night, you’ve just finished your last sip of red wine and your eyelids are starting to drop, getting from the couch to the bed feels like a mammoth effort – let alone washing your face! You tell yourself you don’t need to cleanse because you haven’t worn make-up today, right? Wrong. Just because we’re sitting at home, doesn’t mean our skin isn’t experiencing a build-up of dirt and oil. That night time cleanse is oh so important for keeping impurities at bay.

Lifestyle Changes

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to exercise more, bake some treats for the family and have more home cooked meals. But it takes your body to adjust to these changes, and may upset your hormone imbalance which goes hand in hand with problematic skin. Our DMK ACU-Klear is a little wonder potion for keeping these types of break-outs at bay.

Lack of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced in your skin in response to sunlight.

Not only does it play an important role in keeping our skin protected and rejuvenated, it contributes to skin cell growth, repair and metabolism and helps prevent premature ageing. Winter in Victoria coupled with our limited outdoor exercise right now makes this one tricky.

To ensure you’re still getting ‘the sunshine vitamin’ during lockdown, try eating foods rich in vitamin D such as liver oil, salmon, egg yolks and soy milk. Make sure you get your daily outdoor exercise and if you can, why not catch some rays while on a zoom meeting or phone call in your garden?

So what next?

Remember this is a tremendously difficult time for us all. If a break-out happens, it will pass – don’t punish yourself for it. Being mindful of diet and skin care routines will get you back on track to a glowing complexion in no time. Keeping up with some form of self-care each week is also imperative for helping us take a ‘time out’ from everything going on. Our DMK Enzyme mask has been our go-to in lockdown. Are you looking for more help? Why not book a free online skin clinic consult? Get in touch today!

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